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End of Summer News

Time to refresh my website. After a long hiatus this summer (weeks and weeks of vacation, wow) it's time to kick the business into a new gear. This fall and holiday season will be action packed. Orders are already being worked on, there is no shortage of work. It's incredible how endless focus and dedication have turned things around in the last years. My husband is super dedicated in getting me a studio built in the back of the house.

It is going to be fabulous. The grandest gesture I've ever received. So greatful. Stay tuned on that.

Before I left for the summer, I created branded product pieces for Fathom cruises, a Carnival Cruise line.

The porcelain sculpture you see below is now sitting on the CEO's desk. Necklaces and mugs were also created.

A big announcement on a current order is coming mid September.

A new shipment to Collector Art in Berkeley is going out next week.

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