Pebble tabletop fountain

Pebble tabletop fountain


This modern fountain was thrown on the wheel with stoneware clay and glazed with white glaze to give it the lovely finish.  You can choose from white, dark green, light green, aquamarine, or dark blue. 
The piece makes for a stunning modern, understated feature in your home.


My cat will only drink from this water. You can forget about serving her water any other way. 
Except the toilet. But that doesn't sound good, does it?

The gentle sound of water flowing gives your home a serene feeling.

It also humidifies your house. 
It is good for your skin and the atmosphere around you.

A quiet 'fountaintech' mini-pump is adjustable to desired height of water flow. 

The bowl measures about 11.5" w x 2" h
The orb is about 3" h x 6"

  • How to take care of your fountain

    Cleaning and caring for your fountain is very easy and will only take a few minutes every month.

    Unplug the fountain and bring it to your sink.

    Wash the bowl and center with warm water and soap. Use a brush for the pump and remove any build-up from the filter.

    Put everything back together, bring it to your desired location and fill it with water again. That's it!